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  1. I’m pretty sure the engine and chassis number are correct as CT1 300369. It’s just that someone has registered it in 2002 and it has been assigned a1969 number plate (presumably from the CT1 element of the chassis / engine number). Bike is all original as far as I can see. Had been offf the road for some time and the docs / plate lost. I’ve checked things like the reed valve intake and the shape of the left hand magneto casing cover and they date the bike as 1972 from the parts microfiche ive tried to attach pics but they are too large! Apparently a letter from owners club will be accepted by DVLA. If someone wants to send me a PM I can send pictures Any help appreciated
  2. Hi there i have a Yamaha CT3. From the engine casings and reed valve and info from the Yamaha enduros US website ispts from 1973. However someone has registered as 1969 based on the CT1 engine and frame number. To change this, I need some evidence form an owners club. Can anyone advise me please? thanks, ian
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