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  1. I have just finished with the looking. Yes, front forks need oil changing, valve cleareances havent been checked the last 3 years, but that is a job I could do. Worth to sync the starter valves too and change the spark plugs too. I would go over the earth points and all of the connectors just to clean them. Brakes does not stick but I would clean them again, to be sure they are good to go The radiator on right hand side there is some paint missing. Outside pipes a bit dirty but nothing major rust. Needs a throughout cleaning tbh, she still has got the original cans. Is the system stainless steel or steel? Starts first time no clunk strange noise or even smoke. Clutch cable is a bit rusty, but that is easy swap. Reg/rec is a mosfet. Chain and sprocket fairly good condition. I tried the rock the bike back and forth while I was sitting on it, no movement or noise. Rear shock could be cleaner, but does not dip too much. I sent mine from the vfr to a specialist I think worth the money to send this too. She has got 3 pieces of givi panniers all for £1600. I did not say a definite yes, but I am interested. She has done 46000 miles.
  2. Hi All, My name is Peter and I have got a Vfr 750 for 5 years and I am in a process to have a look and possibly buy a 2002 TDM 900. What are the things I should look out? I do my own maintenance including valve clearance and almost everything on the bike. Is the reg/rec a problem on this bike? What about the cam chain tensioner? Is it durable and trusty part or needs changing every x miles? I had a cbr600 and the tensioner on that was awful. Apart from that I know the usual things to look out. I am sorry if thia has been discussed many times, but I used the search button and nothing came up. Thank you, Peter
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