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  1. hello ladies and gents, new to this website and this forum. I'm looking for advice from people with more experience than me regarding engine trouble on my classic dt125lc. mines a classic thats a nut and bolt rebuild including a powder coated frame done by the previous owner. recently she was stolen, after finding her abandoned and performing a few repairs on the sliced up ignition cables she ran fine for about a day. now I have a issue where if I get above 6 thousand rpm she begins to splutter like crazy, sometimes its intermittent but that last few days its been almost constant. I have drained the tank, cleaned the carb 4 times and removed and checked all the jets aswell as replaced the coil,ht lead and spark plug. its derestrcited always has been. any advice would be appreciated, my next step is a new cdi unit but I'm relecutant because they are rare as well as expensive. am I missing something ? it will continue to rev but its spluttering and lacking power right up until the red. sometimes if I open the throttle slowly it only slights splutters.
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