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    yamaha fj1200 90 realy good long longdistance missing it..and now yamaha mt 01 05

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  1. i always uses metzler tyres very plesed with them
  2. whats the point with this video?
  3. welcome and a great choise of bike lot of power and grate fore longdistance rides
  4. They fixed it for free godwill from yamaha ,its have ben a recall on the carburator too also that was fixed. The tyre i have to pay, but its was rather bad so in the end i happy after all:-)
  5. I am not the first owner just wonder wy the owner before me dosent fix it if it was a recall, and so dangerus problem?????
  6. Rearsuspension collapse when driving ,,maby somthing for yamaha mt 01 drivers to check
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