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  1. I had the same problem but my 535 had been running 5 minutes before turned out to be dodgy connection on igniter unit wiring under panel below tank right side
  2. if you can get hold of a ultra violet light note scanner that sort of thing you should be able to make out the prefix hope this helps
  3. I will update my profile and whatever when I figure out how it works ha ha plus list bikes I presently own and photo my biker name is Chipbone
  4. Hi my name is Charley I am 76 years old passed my test in 1959 on 250 panther that my farther gave me for passing my test wish I still had it.I no longer drive bikes due to reasons beyond my control but I still ride pillion I maintain my wifes bikes which are both Yamaha virago 535 and sr125 she drives both 125 for work as she travels a bit local I live in Burnley Lancashire it will be interesting to get involved as we all need help at times . keep on biking I miss it
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