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  1. Hello, live on the south coast and restoring a yamaha dt125r, 1988. Owned for 13 years and nearly finished but would like better panels than I have. Although an 88 model is fitted with raspberry red bodywork and the colour change was registered with the DVLA in 1991 so would like to keep the same. Would very much appreciate any links or advice to source what I need, exhausted all other avenues (ebay, fowlers, cmsl, yambits, etc,etc) Have been thorough in the rebuild and top plastic would finish it properly. Thanks Oldman
  2. Restoring a 88 dt125r and in need of red bodywork in A1 condition if anyone can help (please!) Rebuilt so far as best as I can do and would like bodywork to match, have tried to post a picture of progress but how?click to chose files but nothing happens? Have been told red colour not in uk until 1990 but as bike has been red since at least 1994 intend to stick with that.
  3. Hello to all, currently restoring 88 dt125r, have owned since 2004 having rescued from a back garden where it had been stood for 7 years. Made roadworthy when I got it and always wanted to rebuild it to its former glory,. Had a medical issue this year that gave me an excuse to get stuck in. Frame powdercoated and rebuilt engine with new piston etc, wheels going to be respoke shortly and brakes need rebuilding so that's on the agenda shortly. Have had white panels fitted prior to restore and have original red bodywork stored but still not a1 condition, so an appeal if anyone has or knows of any red bodywork panels for sale but must be in excellent condition please. Have a vstrom 2013 as well but can't ride at the moment due to knee arthritis but hopefully not much longer, have tried to post a picture of progress but no joy? Will try again later.
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