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  1. Hi, I have an oldrunner Yamaha XJ600 (build year 1989) 51J. I wonder if there is anyone who can pinpoint my problem. While riding all the lights (including the dash) become bright for a few seconds and then return to normal and sometimes they dim below normal level too. It fluctuates all the time but especially when at higher rmp. Could it be the voltage regulator? Just don't want to go the saga of buying expensive parts for nothing. Thanks,
  2. Hi there, I have an oldrunner Yamaha XJ600 (build year 1989) 51J. It has been running well but started to make trouble a month ago. The starter (notably when cold, usually not when warm) just turns the engine around for a few rounds and then stops with a noticeable click (not sure if this sound comes directly from the starter or somewhere else). This recurs when pressing starter button. The green gear light goes off as well when pressing the button and comes back after releasing it, the red oil indicator is dead all the way. Kill switch appears to make things a bit better when turning off
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