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  1. Hello everyone! Newb here, I own a 79 yamaha chappy lb80. This bike has over 12000 miles and i think the engine is worn. recently i noticed a lack of power and compression usually after a long ride. Everything is clean, sparkplug is new, carb rebuilt, clean airfilter and exhaust. In low gear at full throttle i was able to keep the bike from moving by keeping my feet planted. Ive talked to several people saying i probobly need to bore out the engine. But have been told no bore kit exists for this bike. And would probobly need to find someone to do a custom job which could run up to 1000$ or mor
  2. Hello, so thankfull to find a knowledgeable forum for yamaha! As you can see i got a yamaha chappy lb80. First few months it was running great, Lately ive noticed a serious lack of power. Everyone ive spoken with says no bore kit exists, And to bore out the cylinder would be a custom and rather expensive job. Any advice for a newbie? Thanks!!
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