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  1. Kfc

    1983 dt 175 21j

    Fowlers seem pretty decent. Most parts are still available which is pleasing. Bikes up and running good. Just needed setup cluch and brakes happy with it. Just needs side panels and a couple small jobs done... Thanks for the pointers. Kevin.
  2. Kfc

    1983 dt 175 21j

    I've found some plastics will order them. The retrofitted ones look very poor. I've stripped the carb and soaked it over night in carb cleaner. All passages are clear. It's back together and I've been dialing in the a/few screw and idle screw. I've wound the a/f screw all the way in and come out 1 and half turns. I also wound the idle screw in to the stop and back out a full turn. The engine will run fine for about 1-2 mins and die. I've had to stop for the night as I've done everyone's head in. Any exact settings I should follow would be welcome. Another question the kick start engagement is poor. I'm assuming it's missing teeth. Does yamaha still have these parts? So I can go into a yamaha dealer to source one. I'm in Thailand and finding parts/communicating want I'm after is problematic. Does anyone have a fiche for the gearbox? Or a pointer as to where I could get a part number. Apologies it's long winded. (I've spent a good few hours kicking it over and the kick start slipping to the bottom and hitting the frame. FOOT PAIN! ) READY FOR A CUP OF TEA! thanks in advance. Kevin.
  3. Kfc

    1983 dt 175 21j

    Correct it's leaning a bit far due to the side stand. Seems a monkey has welded it back onto the frame for some reason. So that could explain the stuck needle as described. I've took the plug out and pushed it round in first gear. It's spluttered fuel out. I've spent some time kicking it over also. I'm going to leave it over night as suggested. Another issue is the clutch or its adjustment. The cable adjustments wound out at the bar. But still wants to move when the clutch levers back to the bar. I'm not being totally lazy I've read threads you guys have commented on so know it's common, maybe from lack of use or incorrect oil? Is there a pdf service manual I could download? (So I'm not asking you kind folk too many silly questions) Also... where could I get plastics for this model? It's a pig to find bits for. According to the frame number it was sold in Europe, I'm aware this model was sold in Australia up until recently 2006 if I'm not mistaken. Or are there any interchangeable parts yamaha IT 175-dt125lc? I really appreciate the wisdom given. It seems this is the best place for it. Many thanks Kevin
  4. Kfc

    1983 dt 175 21j

    Yeah it's fuel mixture running from the carb into the cylinder and then out from the exhaust port/exhaust. I'm assuming there's a lack of gasket. Which is a good thing. Or I might of kicked it over with crank full of fuel and a expansion chamber full of fuel also. My main quandary was why would the carb be letting fuel into the cylinder? Il be home in the next few days to investigate. Thanks for the help. It's appreciated.
  5. Kfc

    1983 dt 175 21j

    It's leaking at the cylinder/exhaust port. Must be missing a gasket for a start and the fuel taps in the office position. Think I've bought a nail. Frustrating as I don't have my tools with me. Just baffled as to why it won't stop. What's the best way to get the fuel out of the crank case? Forgive my mechanical ignorance. Kicking it over with the ignition off.?
  6. Recently purchased. Looking to get back to original. Or close. It's had its fair share of bodges by the look of it. Current on the truck going home. Looking at it I've got fuel leaking from the exhaust port. Going to have a good luck when I get home. Any ideas? Stuck float? Also can anyone point me in the right direction for parts I. E plastics original looking headlight. Anyou information on the model year and similarities or differences to older dt 175? would also give me better insight. I'm struggling to find a good source of information. Sorry it's long winded. Regards Kevin
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