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  1. Hi all, 2009 YBR 125 fuel injection. been having some issues, firstly my bike wouldn't start in the heat so changed the fuel pump and now she starts in 35 degrees in the sunshine which is a winner and the pump sounds really strong. Next I discovered it keeps cutting out at low revs which is annoying at traffic lights or going to pull off etc, now it's just running rough as toast but when you give it some revs and ride it above 5k it seems fine. It's like it's just misfiring so it's had a new spark plug and the air filter is super clean. It's almost like it's hunting and the thr
  2. Aaaaaaaand it's happened again. Maybe they're using plastic tools to tighten this nut up
  3. Haha hell no to riding in Paris, I'd probably have a nervous breakdown. Down in the south but the levels of insanity are pretty up there with people taking to the pavements in traffic and kids doing wheelies all down the coast. Cheers for the welcome all
  4. Managed to ride it to the shop today which wasn't too bad, only got stuck at one traffic light. They said it was screw/nut that came loose for the clutch rod, or something (my French is not good). Anyway, they were very apologetic and now I'm back on the road, hope it stays that way
  5. Hi all, I just had the clutch changed on my YBR last week (about 35k on the clocks) as it was slipping. Drove away from the shop and happy days it felt great until I was riding over the hills today and I went for the clutch and there's nothing there. I had to change through all gears without the clutch which waa ok until I had to stop facing up a hill which made getting going a little difficult. I took the clutch cable off the engine and there is no resistance at all when I move the lever on the engine. It's like the push rod is no longer engaged to the lever to disenga
  6. Hi all, Living in France and traffic being a nightmare I just got myself my first bike last week, a 2009 YBR 125 I'll definitely need to pick some brains as I'm pretty new to bikes but not to tinkering etc. Anyway hi
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