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    hi, to all you Yamaha members and owners out there. one of my bikes a divvy 600 and ive done a lot with it over the last 3 months. its been stood outside for 2 years waiting to be re built and 3 months ago I thought id find the time to do it. Ive had to build a shed next to the garage first to put it in. anyway it just about all done exept the big chunky tread tyres im putting on it. the only problem ive come across and id like some help with it is the ignition wire to the red light. I wired the two ignition wires up to the light and when I turn key the first turn the light comes on , when I press the starter the engine starts but the light stays on instead of going out. theres nothing wrong with the engine /oil pump/or rest of the wiring so im a bit stuck. can anyone out there tell me what it could be. mabe there should be 3 wires to to red light , I don't know. anyway I want to put some pics on but don't know how to make them smaller to accept them on this forum can anyone tell me how to do that.. many thanks , steve.
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