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  1. 40 minutes ago, drewpy said:

    160 is high, 120 is ok but 140 - 150 is best.


    did you try with oil in bores to see if its ring wear?


    I suspect you need a decoke

    thanks d

    39 minutes ago, slice said:

    You really need the readings from the manual that tell you what it should be, then compare it to what you have, a difference in the amount usually means more wear in one barrel or rings or valves than the other but they all have minor differences, it just depends if your still in the correct range that the manual says you should be. Your difference could be for example from slightly more carbon in one valve seat than the other, might just need a clean, have you ever used an upper cylinder cleaner like RED X for example? These can help with most minor differences. Try using a higher grade fuel and a UCL for a couple of weeks and see if the differences just go away. Don't fret over it as it's more likely to be a minor cleaning than anything serious.

    thanks s

  2. Hi guys, my 1979 xs250 is running rich,sooty plugs,should i try adjusting ,the mixture screw,the manuel says 1 to 2 turns out,can i try bringing them out a bit more,what do you think.

  3. Hi guys and gals i got me a fairly clean 1979 xs 250, i used to ride RD 250/400 back in the day but a bit too pricey for me, as i've not worked or owned a 4 stroke before i might need some help keeping this nearly 40 year old bike running ok.

    IMG_1314 (2016_10_24 15_52_31 UTC) (2017_03_06 14_14_02 UTC).JPG

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