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  1. so is this one.too quiet.
  2. thats ideal if your cleaning the back wheel or washing the bike. as for checking oil.centre stand/paddock stand are of no use. you need to hold the bike upright on level ground,theres no other way round it.
  3. yes I'm on the fazer forum and have been since 2003. good bunch of lads on there so hopefully this one will be the same.
  4. heres a better one for all bikes....
  5. johnakay

    my bike

    well tickle ma bum so now I know had to push her all the way home.lol hell of a good motor.this the 1st bike in years that I've not altered the seat and not going to. very comfortable.I suffer badly with numb bum syndrome.after doing 70 miles it usually start to kick in but not this bike. good mpg to,I ride 2 up all the time and on average I get 60/70 mpg. I'll admit I'm not a fast rider not these days anyway. not interested in speed and don't feel the need.if I want a bit of fun then I sometimes take it up to 80mph but mostly I hover between 40/60 mph also depend on the given speed limit..but bare in mind the roads we use are rural roads and narrow most of the time,not worth the risk. we enjoy riding more at these speeds.....none of this phew that was close! apart those that pull out on you. as for the 2 bikes both are good bikes ,the MT-07 14 ltrs Tracer 17 ltrs,you'll go further on the tracer with having a bigger tank. the tracer is more of an upright riding position than the MT-07.
  6. johnakay

    my bike

    here she is. finally just run in. and you all know what a handsome grumpy old git I am
  7. nice bike georgy lad bloody good bikes. I've had 2 of them virtually bullet proof engines.
  8. Hiya Folks grumps just joined.saying hi. I currently own a tracer 700. other yams that I've own 2x thundercats,1,Fazer foxeye 03 model. I from the neath east ,stockton on tees. well thats my little introduction.
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