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    Thanks for the warm welcome lads! I've not really been taking pictures of the bike as there's a lot I want to do to it but I'm waiting to get this first 600 miles service out the way first! Here's a quick sneak peak but I'll be sticking on some radiator covers, bar end mirrors, akra exhaust, tail tidy etc.
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    That's a beaut!!
  3. Hello all! I'm glad I've found this place, I've been looking for a decent and active yamaha forum for a while! Quick intro I suppose, I'm from Scotland, been on bikes since the ripe old age of 4 and raced for most of my life until I came off the R6 and smashed my shoulder to smithereens. I've since bought an MT-125 (just 3 weeks ago) for the road and the commute to try and satisfy my need for the two wheels. The MT is a cracking bike and I reckon I'll go for the MT-07 once I get round to doing my A2, either that or an XJ-6. Either way, I'm rambling. Nice to meet you all
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