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  1. I don't claim to know anything about your bike but is the cam chain stretched? This could explain it sounding rough and the clearance being wrong. High revs might be compensating for this. Is there a poor electrical connection. Only other things I can think of are coil pack/cdi unit but if it runs at high revs and cuts out at idle the timing could be all tits up due to a worn chain, this will also give poor compression.
  2. This is my old R1 SP, one previous owner, the bike was like new, awesome bit of kit
  3. Short and sweet but I hope you enjoy.
  4. I first saw an R7 in 1999 (year of launch) at Castle Coombe, 17 years later I see another one Parts are now rarer than hens teeth as is finding an original bike.
  5. No, I can't show, my bike wasn't first produced until 1999
  6. This could be just what I am looking for as it's proving difficult to find the right show. When I can get on a computer I will have a better look at details, ie is there a part indoors to show/store bikes over night. Sounds good though so far.
  7. Hi I have been looking for a Yamaha site and thought I would give this site a try as there are all types of bikes on here. I can probably help out with R1 questions as I have been riding them since the birth in 98 but alas at the moment I am R1less After looking over the site I feel it will be a good place to find out info, help, parts and any shows that might be coming up from a bunch of like minded people Keep it safe
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