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  1. I've tested all the wires for continuity it's a brand new stator, I have managed to get a resistance reading from ht lead but my pickup coil is only reading 277 and it should be between 4-600 according to manual but it's brand new I tested my old one and that's at about 268 I'm really confused to what the problem is
  2. Annoying thing is I've bought 2 at £20 each there naraku racing coils but there doesn't seem to be any life in either of them only the coil lead it's self
  3. Hi there basically I have another thread about my issues with my Yamaha aerox not getting a spark, I have checked through the bike for continuity and all seems to be okay until I got the the ht lead and noticed there was nothing there it's a 2 pin ht lead and I gathered that if you put a multimeter on one of the pins then on the plug cap it would get continuity, but I'm getting nothing?? the lead is okay that beeped but the actual block itself with the pins on didn't make a beep and neither did the plug cap, is this right or will I be buying a new coil/ ht lead for the sake of it?? thanks kye
  4. It's turning over without a fault I haven't replaced the solenoid but didn't think it would be that at fault as my starter motor is spinning over and yes it is one you have to pull the brake on to start it
  5. Still not resolved, anyone have any idea to what it could be please let me know as I'm desperate to get it going before the 1st of April
  6. I certainly have lol the bikes had hundreds spent on it and I'm still walking to work lol I've printed out the electric section from the manual to check all round the loom etc I did have a bad crash on it when I was on the road and the wiring loom actually snapped in half near the forks I had to sit there in agony and rewire the bike but I've checked where I did that and it doesn't seem to of broken or anything again also the aerox doesn't have a kill switch it's fine by key but someone else said it could be the ignition cancelling the spark acting as if the ignition is off thanks for getting back to me kye
  7. Hi there i have a Yamaha aerox yq100 I had this running and on the road for a few weeks one day I popped home on my dinner break went to leave again to go back to work and it wouldn't start what so ever and has never had a spark since. I changed a lot of parts on it and still no joy just had someone test round a few bits and said the regulator/ rectifier was the issue I changed it today for a brand new one and still no joy! ive changed the : cdi unit ht lead/ coil lead stator plate/magneto pickup regulator/ recitifier spark plug battery pratically everything to do with electrics and no one seems to know what the issue is I'm in need of getting it back up and running for the end of the month as I'm moving further away from work and will need it for transport, I'm on the verge of just scrapping it or torching it it's had a lot of engine work done to it also and about 5-600 quid chucked at it someone please please resolve my problem I will be so grateful!! thanks kye
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