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  1. Then Osram night breaker it is. Thanks guys. 15 EUR seems like a cheap upgrade. Think i start with that.
  2. Okey, i heard that osram night breaker has shorter life spann due to thinner filament. The thinner filament gives the stronger light. How is your experience? Maybe a H4 Led can be a third option?
  3. Hi My halogen headlight is really weak and i thinking about installing a Bi-Xenon kit instead. Has anyone done this on a XJ6N? Is there room for the ballast? I thinking about buying this kit. http://www.ebay.com/itm/OPT7-SLIM-HID-KIT-Motorcycle-9003-H4-Bi-Xenon-5000K-WHITE-Light-Conversion-/121107239273
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