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  1. Hi guys, As some of you will know I picked up my new and first bike the other day. I have a lots of words for this bike, but one comes to mind...amazing! I've done around 250 miles over the weekend all on A/B roads, countryside and town and have to say as per the short test ride the weekend before on the demo I have found this bike amazingly easy to ride. I'm 42, 6'1 (183cm) 80kg/just under 13 stone, have slightly shorter legs then average, size 9.5/44 feet ... funny to put all this but I point this out as I really struggled to get comfortable on most sports bikes I tried! Some of this though would be down to new boots and leathers. Anyway, after about 100 miles I found my perfect riding position (although move around a lot of course). I've decided on doing an advanced rider course and test too. Back to the bike, I find the gear change easy, power delivery (STD mode, TCS 6 so far) very easy to get on with both around town and out on the open road. The weight/feel compared with other sport bikes I tried much more relaxing/lighter when on the move. The much talked about cold start issue is there, but not an issue as far as I'm concerned. Otherwise so far no issues at all. I've had the Yamaha tail-tidy and upgraded Yamaha rear LED turn/brake signals fitted and look really good along with the smaller plate. I've also removed the passenger foot pegs as IMHO they look ugly and will never carry a passenger tbh. The exhaust I've ordered though is on back order..it's the Aprovik Slip On GP style, and I'm in two minds to still get it, I've been looking at other options online and found one I really like the look of (please note I'm only for looks, extra power of any isn't what I'm after, maybe a bit more noise though). The one I love the look of is the Toca Double Down side exit exhaust, IMO it's smaller and neater than most I've seen on a bike and fits better with the styling. What are your thoughts ....? Thanks in advance
  2. Hey there Much appreciate the advice, I'm very keen to take my time on this bike to learn it's capabilities, and as Cynic mentions understand the actions of other drivers and riders out there. One thing I learnt and still learn from racing cars was spacial awareness and predicting actions of others, which funnily enough was mentioned by both my instructors and test examiner...but there's always something to learn. It's a bit of a high output punt as far a first bike goes, I was keen on the bike as it had good safety aids but more importantly adjustable power output which will help me learn about the bike, tbh I'm more interested finding and feeling the bike and be part of it, being at one with the bike is something I found with my race cars vital to feel confident and learn more, especially about other drivers/riders around me. Friday will be great day forward [emoji4] Charlie. Charlie
  3. It is indeed although very rideable for a newbie, didn't feel out of control at any point and found very easy to ride at low speeds, power delivery is all top end and don't plan to get up there for a while. Personally I found it extremely confidence boosting compared to other bikes I've ridden, one of them being the Kawasaki 636 which I found a lot of fun but felt I needed to 'hold on and control more' if you know what I mean. It's a must try if you are in the market for a sports bike but don't need the super fast performance of a 1000cc type bike [emoji4] Kr Charlie. Charlie
  4. Hi guys, Finally my new bike has arrived, been a long wait but I have to say the bike is awesome!! My background is very new to bikes, having only passed my test in February and as part of my early mid life crisis (42) decided on my first and probably last Sports bike, a 600 being way enough for me! My thing has been cars all my life, having some funky track use cars in the last 10 years i decided a sport bike was a tick box i needed to do. Back to the bike, I've tried several 600cc high output bikes and didn't get on to well with them, mostly on riding position 183cm/ 6ft1 but also as my first bike and having only brand new fast cars I decided a brand new bike was the best option. The power delivery is absolutely perfect for my use, easy to ride at low medium speeds and when needed the power at the top is amazing, plus the stability all the way to a speed I wouldn't want to disclose on here is super impressive (esp. considering I'm a new rider!). Turning is super sharp, power delivery is super smooth, gear change is very fluid and the brakes have a perfect feel...a very complete package. I'm collecting this Friday so will post up some photos once in my hands Cheers, Charlie. Charlie
  5. Hi Jayne, joined myself today...so far so good Good luck with your searching, this lot seem not to bad Charlie
  6. Ha thanks Drongo, I flipping hope not! I like the idea of having a D Mode on the bike...help me ease into it gently, at least that's the theory. Love the colour of yours btw Charlie
  7. Hey Cynic, Thanks for the lock idea! Defo will. All my training, 6 days with ADT in Southampton and both my MOD 1 & 2 were in heavy rain and wind lol...although all very straight forward, was on their new Kawasaki 650's ... pretty naked bike...the worst part was the ride back after passing MOD2, M3 in rush hour Friday traffic in a hectic storm [emoji51][emoji51] Plan to take my time and take it easy, I'm a pretty handy track day (car) frequenter ... obviously very different mind! Also 42, so have some calmness to myself these days [emoji5] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hey guys and gals, looking around for a good and popular forum and came across this one. Passed my DAS a few weeks ago and decided on a new R6 as my first bike, delivery in April and can't wait!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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