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  1. hello from sunny Manchester
  2. cheers for that drewpy
  3. hi guys,what I meant was when I filled in my profile and say im now a newbie but when you go into the newbie section the newbie list on the left of the screen where newbies say hello to all is where I thought I would see my name,so I logged out and came on the forum then went onto the newbie section and didn't see my name on the left hand list,so how do I get to that point so I can say hello to everyone,sorry for being thick
  4. thanks for the reply guys,ive just filled in my profile a bit more so we shall see where we go from here,but I have noticed that when I go onto the newbies page that there is a star before my name and everybody body else has a blue circle,what is this for,as you can proberly tell I don't do any forums or social media
  5. Looks like nobody is willing to help
  6. hi there, do I see my profile in this section,ive just payed and signed up,new to any forum .cheers
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