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  1. HGV

    my 07 R6

    both baffles removed deepee, and ive just taken the indys off,
  2. HGV

    my 07 R6

    well heres my R6, my wife bought me this for my 40th on march 1st 07. was nice to go and pick a bike up with no miles on it. bits added are. tail tidy. small plate. rear seat cowl. rear foot rest inserts. black head light covers. lazer pipes. power commander. performace air filter. having the wheels sprayed gold in the next few weeks as well and a black double bubble screen on its way.
  3. HGV

    A nuther newbie...

    just found this this site through google, so thought i would join. well here goes, a bit about me and my bikes. started of at the age of 6 doing school boy moto x till i was 16, then went up a class, finished that when i was 25 and then went on to doing enduros, in this time i also past my bike test at 17 and bought my self a lc 350 to run around on, my off road riding finished at the age of 36 as i was also running a nc30 and gsxr 750 slingshot so there was no way a could afford to do the off raod as well plus all my mates were getting road bikes, so thats the way i went, and got married and had kids, so money was tight, so nice to meet you all, will put photos of my bike in the photo gallery section, jon.............................................
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