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  1. Hi All I have sorted this out and just for future problems anyone may have will answer my own question. Next to the main fuse box is a small single white fuse holder that contains a 10A fuse. This is what blew.
  2. Hi Toni Welcome. I just bought one of these last year and i can tell you it puts a smile on my face everyday. Put some Black Widow pipes on among other changes and she sounds great. Only thing is keep the originals you will need them for MOT but they clip on and off so easy.
  3. Hi. I own a 2011 XT660R and while wiring up my tail light did a very stupid thing. I know it was wrong I had my ignition on and while wiring up my tail light one wire accidently touched the black wire causing a click from the right side of my bike. I nearly kicked myself as I did such a stupid thing. I checked the fuses as the indicators and tail light stopped working. No blown fuses. So I took the right cover off and there I replaced the indicator relay thinking it had blown. But still no joy. No indicators or tail/brake light. No light in headlight when ignition on. But headlight comes on when started and horn works. What else could this idiot check or have popped. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Thankfully I have sorted this out. Feel like an idiot right now. All it was, was a loose positive battery cable. The threaded bolt had come loose and was nearly out of the terminal. Did the think to check the battery as it only happened about 4 times over a weekly period.. Thanks for the help.
  5. Hi. Last year i decided to buy a 125cc to commute around on due to not having a proper licence. My friend convinced me to buy a scooter which i was not too sure on never owed one before and i enjoy the geared bikes. Anyway due to finance i picked up a good deal on a Yamaha Cygnus 125cc 2012 model with only 6000+ miles on the clock. The bike has been going fine until last year December when one morning the scooter just died on me and the ignition light flashed about 3 times. I pulled over switched off then on again and she started. That afternoon on the way home it happened again. The manual says when you turn the ignition on it will do an electrical test then the light will go off and it does. Seeing as i was going on holiday i only pulled out the plug to check it for any signs but all looked good. I bought a new plug while on holiday and replaced it but this morning going to work it died again. Im sure it is electrical as the light flashes and i know what it feels like when there is a fuel blockage. When it happens again like it did this morning i just quickly switch the ignition off and on and she keeps going. Just wondering if anyone has some knowledge on this as i dont want to leave it with someone who will take forever looking for this problem and in the end i will replace everypart trying to pin point the problem. It has to be a small wire or something. I have had electrical faults before on cars with coils and leads and it feels nothing like this. Im actually looking for a quick answer i can fix myself as i use the scooter everyday. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  6. Just joined. Hi to everyone. Recently moved back over here from South Africa. I have owned a few bikes in my years most of them offroad.The Yamaha models have been IT490 , 2x IT465, IT250 , DT175, XJ650 and YZF400. Been a Yamaha fan for years. Due to never getting a licence i am now on a Yamaha Cygnus 125cc. But hope to change all of that and go for my licence this year. Would love to own an old XT500.
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