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  1. Initially the starter clutch was chewed up so the bike wouldn’t catch when turning over. Clutch changed but now it pops whilst starting and sometimes doesn’t turn at all with new battery fitted. The mechanic said the timing is completely out it almost as if the the firing sequence is turning the engine the wrong way. Im next to useless regarding engines but there is so much conflicting thoughts on ecu’s and what to do. It could need a full keys, lock, ECU and immobiliser swap or ECU swap and remap. . All I know is I’m bloody gutted.
  2. Just been told my ECU is fried. What are the options and likely cost? I’ve been told I might need new locks, keys and recoding.
  3. I’ve just been given the same news on my xvs950a. I was told that I’d have to change keys, locks and get them recoded the works. I see you talking about power commander is it just a swap out or news keys etc! Be gentle I’m gutted!
  4. Afternoon Gents, ive been away from my bike for a while and recently took it in to a garage for mot and service, also it turn over but not start. Changed plugs, emptied fuel tank and replaced with fresh (just encase). Upshot was a mashed starter clutch, garage changed it. Now it’s misfiring when in idle. The mechanic, good bloke, said he thinks it may be ECU related. I’ve had a look online and there is talk about the ECU resetting itself after just riding it in on a long hard drive. What the general consensus? New ECU? Flash the ECU? Or thrash it?
  5. My name is Taff, I've just bought and looking forward to collecting my 950A Midnight Star. Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. Will probably be harassing some of you for advice in the future!!!
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