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  1. Managed to get it finished, had the tank, mudguard and side panels painted. Stripped and rebuilt carbs, sorted brake calipers, pair of tyres and a lot of cleaning. MOT done, looking forward to using it.
  2. Ollyrag


    Sorted caliper, Thundercat caliper direct replacement, changed brake hose to fit. Thanks
  3. Ollyrag


    Hello all, I've just joined in the intro thread and was looking for some info, Bought a 1998 XJ600N and have been trying to locate a rear brake caliper, no luck. Is there another caliper that would fit ? Am not up to speed re what parts are interchangeable on these bikes, if any. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Good evening, I've just given an old XJ600 Diversion a new home. Am an old geezer looking to get my hands dirty and get this old lady up and running. It's a 1998 1 owner with 28000 on the clock with a full history. Need a brake lever, rear caliper broken nipple. The plan is to pull it apart and re assemble. So forgive me in advance for the questions which will no doubt be on their way, Anyway, look forward to being on here
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