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  1. Sooo helpful! I was just wondering today about looking up the VIN on my project bike.. it's proven to be a mix of pieces between a 125 and 175, and is listed as a '77 but seemed to be a '76. The PDF at the end of the posts confirmed it's a DT125FC '76 (the frame, anyhow), so that's a big help. Also just generally interesting to know that all those numbers mean something...
  2. Joining from Atlantic Canada! I've been riding for 3 years now, and motorcycles are turning into a bit of an addiction (as they so often do)... I'm determined to be able to do at least some basic bike maintenance myself, but have a lot to learn. I started out on a SuzukiTU250. It was a great little bike, but the roads here are generally so terrible that I couldn't really leave town with it unless I wanted my teeth rattled out by potholes and transport trucks. So now my real baby is a 2014 Triumph Scrambler. Lots more guts for the highways, and can handle some dirt roads here and there (tho not really true trail riding). She's a good deal more complex than the TU250, though, and nothing that my inexperienced hands can mishandle on her is cheap, haha. I can change the oil and clean the air filter, but there's always more to learn... At the very least I want to understand if a mechanic is feeding me a load of bull or not if I have to take her in. I had a lot of recommendations to start learning maintenance/repair on a 2-stroke, as they're generally less complicated than the newer bikes, so I snagged a little 1977 Yamaha DT125 for a good price. She doesn't run, but she's going to be my winter project to dig in and see if she can be made to go. If she can, there's some great trails near my home; if not, she's got a bunch of new parts from the previous owner who didn't have time to continue fixing her, so I'll part her back out. So far I have to admit the Yamaha service manuals I've run into are pretty vague and frustrating compared to the ones I've had for the other bikes, but I'm very pleased with the DT itself. I can see why they're still considered desirable little bikes among the oldies! So yup, that's me
  3. Hi all, I'm looking at grabbing a little project bike and the old DTs seem to be a good way to go. There's one available in great shape but it isn't running; seems to have been someone's project that they don't want to take any further. The ad specifies it's a 125 with 175 head and piston, so sounds like maybe was rebored bigger and now doesn't go (apparently it will sometimes run briefly after a push-start but won't keep going or start by kickstart). Anyone done this sort of mod to an engine? What did you do to get it up and going afterward? Bike allegedly has new carb, air filter, piston and rings... So maybe something wasn't installed properly, or there's something the seller hasn't done with it? I'm game for some head scratching and getting greasy, but not looking to throw money out on a lemon...
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