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  1. Had a look again today, seemed that I needed to put the throttle tube back together with some tension on the cable. Runs beautifully now! Thanks for the suggestions all!
  2. That's a personal question Thanks for for the warm welcome!
  3. I'll double check the routing too. I spoke to the dealership who said they carry 2 different cables so I think they gave me the longer one... Probably not much between them
  4. 'Tis true! Very warm! Makes it squid central thanks for the welcome
  5. Another check for first (on my YBR at least) is that if you try to change down again, the lever doesn't move. I was reading an article on emergency braking and it said about shifting into first during the process (not clutching each gear, just getting the bike into first as you slow) and it read something like "How many times should you press the lever? Depending on what gear you were in, around 13 will do" It's still good to check with a little pressure on the clutch, as sometimes you may be at the 1st gear stopper, and it can 'hop' back into neutral, or from neutral into gear. As an aside to help avoid catching neutral you can preload the shifter slightly before the gear change. Pop your toe under and give the lever a slight upwards pressure, then clutch and make the change. It can make your shifts a bit smoother in the other gears too.
  6. I'll double check, but they did look to be the same length. I got the part from the dealership so hoping it is the right one, if not they said they'd refund/exchange.
  7. So, my throttle cable snapped. i thought no biggie, got a replacement, took off the old one, put the new one on and everything back into place, or so I think. Issues I have are: The new cable seems too long in that I only get about 1/4" of resistance on the grip right at the end The bike won't start (guessing because there is no throttle) and when I kick it over there feels to be very little compression. I'm planning on stripping it back down tomorrow and checking everything, but looking for any tips or things to look out for (like "make sure this part faces this way" etc) or things I may need to do. I'm gonna snap some pics this time around so if needs be I can show what I have. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello all! Just signed up and looking forward to getting as many tips as I can, and being a part of the community! Current Bike: 2006 YBR125 (4th owner) Future Aspirations: YZF-R125 Bermuda has a 150cc/15hp limit on all motorcycles...otherwise I'd be looking at R6s and R1s
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