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  1. Cheers John and yeah she still pulls like a train all the way to 150mph without missing a beat,not that I've ever done that of course!..
  2. You never know,I bought mine in St.Albans so not a million miles away!..
  3. Wow that looks even cleaner than mine :) and your a braver person than me I'd never get on the back of anything with anyone after the one and only time I did go pillion and the bloke riding thought it would be a giggle to do 140mph weaving in and out of traffic down a busy bypass,I am no longer in touch with said person!!..
  4. Sometimes I wish I bloody didn't mate I do about 1000 miles a week to and from London and spend most of my time trying to avoid suicidal cyclists and pedestrians,oh and the odd mad motorbike courier!!..lol
  5. I tend to use my van for the hacking round London roads mate!..lol They brought it out as competition to the CBR600 but tbh it just never got the same recognition and was always seen as second best.Don't get me wrong the baby blade is a great bike but having ridden both the Cat definately has better acceleration and top end and anyone that's ever owned one only has good things to say about them.I've lost count of the amount of times I've thought about selling her to buy a Fireblade but always changed my mind at the last minute much to the annoyance of a couple of potential buyers!!..
  6. Cheers Kev I bought her off a guy about 4 years ago who had her for 6 years and did less than 200 miles on her.I've put about 10,000 on her since then but easy,clean miles she probably hasn't tasted rain in at least 10 years and like most of us bikers as soon as I see a speck of dirt out comes the sponge and polish!!..lol
  7. Cheers I am pretty proud of her... Thank you...
  8. I will eventually get the hang of using this bloody web site!!..lol
  9. Hi all I'm pretty new to this site but so far had some great advice... Anyway just thought I'd put a pic of my lovely old girl on.. I've owned her for 4 years,she's just pushing 20 years old,32000 miles on the clock and has been an absolute joy to own and look after... Here's a better picture...
  10. Georgepower


    That's what I thought... It's only because he said if I keep riding it as it is I'd f*^k the new battery and have to buy another one plus getting the regulator done,yeah Ebay it is I think!...
  11. Georgepower


    Cheers for that... TBH that's the reason I want a second opinion cos what it said in section 3 was basically exactly what I saw on the volt meter when he checked it!.. But like I say I'll see what the other lot have to say then make a decision. Here's a picture of the old girl BTW...
  12. Georgepower


    Basically I hadn't ridden my bike for a couple of weeks (work got in the way) and when I went to start it the battery was dead and wouldn't hold a charge after I charged it so I bought a new battery from a local garage that I've been to for a few things in the past and was told to bring it back in a few days to get the charging system checked and when I took it back the mechanic said that the voltage on the new battery was a little high which probably meant I needed a new regulator. They've never steered me wrong in the past but to be fair I've only had a service and a little bit of welding done there and you just never know if they're just trying to make a quick quid off ya,yeah I know I'm a cynical old sod!! lol Anyway I've got it booked in to another garage in a few days for a second opinion and if they say the same thing then I'll get it done at the original place. I just don't wanna spend another £100 if I don't have to.
  13. Georgepower


    It didn't look too tricky when I looked it up so I'll probably go to another garage for a second opinion and if they say I need a new one I'll do it myself. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Georgepower


    Hi all, I've been told I need a new regulator for my '97 Thundercat.The garage has quoted me £70 for the regulator and an hours labour to fit it so well over £100.This seems a bit steep to me and I was wondering how difficult is it to fit myself. Also I'm not sure if I even need one as I have a brand new battery fitted which is reading around 13 and a steady 14.25 volts when running?.. Does this sound about right or are the readings a bit high? Cheers
  15. Hi all first time user so be gentle with me!. I've just put some aftermarket stainless downpipes on my Thundercat they went on well but when I started it it was blowing badly from the manifold seemingly from every port. I've tightened the nuts as much as I dare but it's still blowing. I didn't use new gaskets as the guy said there was no need and the flanges on the new exhaust are much thinner than the original. I'm at a loss to know why it's blowing so bad any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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