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  1. Digi clocks look nice..how accurate are they? Thinking i may have to invest lol ..have you got pics of the whole bike finished??...an how does she ride?
  2. So iv had my dt 3year.... was a non runner franken looken thing when i got it lol........as usual it got the royal treatment over the years...frame, swingarm,forks,panels an tank resprayed...sticker kit ect ect... got it looking a beauty of a DT !.. was de-restricted when i got it so didnt need to bother allthough i know how!!.anyway bottem end was shagged badly worn gears, ahh well was a 2001..every1 loves a rag on a dt an plenty had by the looks so was expected ha!.. replaced it, got a 2003 with 11thou on it...nice solid bottem end.. ..then followed. .the clutch..reeds,s,reeds jetting,free flow filter, racing pipe, porting, induction mods..all the usal malaky an some extraz ;)....an yeah...shes a fucking monster.....0 to - 90 in the blink of an eye! Thing pounces! ..unreal for a lil dt125....anyway...... its bin over a year an a half an ive decided to start tinkering again......got some inspiration from an old picture an decided to give the ol Girl some new bits....an thaugh id start with some wheels ...heres a pic of my bike with one of the new rims lined up.....doesnt fit, but once sorted gunna look very nice! Lol..(Y).... Can anybody tell me if the tdr yokes are wider than the dt?..i know they do paioli forks wich are 41mm so im thinking they are the same yokes on the tdr lightburner 3sh as the dt...because the dt has also 41mm stantions aswell...but may be wrong.... the tdr deltabox has differant forks completly but id like to know if the deltabox frame an the standard dt kind frame tdr have the same size stem an steering bearings?...and also if these would fit the dt125?.....also would like to know the front and rear wheel bearing sizes for the lightburner 3sh tdr (offroadie looking tdr)..an the steering bearing sizes top an bottem.....any help be apreciated ......thanks!!
  3. The cylinder head has two water hoses on it that should connect to these to keep the carb included with the bikes cooling system...they have probably been looped or blocked off on the head!......makes no differance if connected or not really...unless you live somewer super cold were the carb slide is liable to keep freezeing closed!
  4. Not sure if posting in the correct place due to the variant in models for the tdr....they do a monocross trails tdr aswell as road dedicated versions too.....but.......i need somebody who can tell me the wheel bearing sizes for the tdr lightburner 3sh model (spoked wheel) along with the steering/stem bearings top and bottem for the same model.....and also if the tdr yokes are wider than the dt yoke and finally if the deltabox tdr frame steering bearings are the same as the standard tdr frame steering bearings? .......this is all in vien of my dt125r / tdr125 road conversion.... Thanks in advance for any input Lads!
  5. Hi all!..im new to the site an forums...so apologies if posting in the wrong place!!....just a quick post to say hello........ Got my my self a 2001 DT125r 3years ago.....was hanging for £400....took it on as a project and finished last year!..when iv figured out how to make my image size (mb) smaller, ill gladly post some pics for you people to squander at Ha! ; )
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