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  1. You must choose in weather specific scope. 80% percent of people says - 10w40 is better oil for V-Twin, but in my region in sunny days +30C and this oil too liquid for that engine. As a result, my transmission sounds like a bag of bones... terrible sound. Please, look at the temperature table and choose oil for your region.
  2. Wow... Actually, I didn't know about that ... slang. Any way, thanks for your reply. I can't wait for my new shiny saddle bags =)
  3. Hi folks! Unfortunately I drop my ride and break the saddlebags. I can't find any bags in Ukraine, so, I find amazing bags in US (with hardware mounting tool). So my question is: There are any difference between those motorcycles in the title of topic? (2004 year). Thanks a lot.
  4. HI everyone! Greetings from far-far Ukraine, Kiev! I'm happy owner of DragStar 1100 and have lot of experience with his repairing. So, i could help to other =) And kitties :)
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