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  1. No doesnt go well without chain. New one is on now. Thanks for pic help. Does the 2 stroke oil from injector pump lube bottom end? Some posts suggests that bottom bearing is lubed from injector others say premix is fine.
  2. Hi, having trouble uploading pics. Im getting a message telling me the file size limit is 500kb. Not sure how to reduce a jpeg to such a small file. Bike is going great. Its a real old farm bike. Buckled front rim, dodgy breaks, exhaust baffle full of steel wool and screwed back together with some tech screws, oil leak from oil tank, dents in fuel tank, torn seat and tyre that needs air every fortnight. Thing is, it starts first kick every time, carries me, tools, chainsaw and block splitter all over my super steep and rugged 26 acres. Climbs anything in first gear at walking pace and does awesome wheelies with the rear rack full of a box of fire wood. Im pretty sure its a 78E model, oil tank is under the rear rack, bike colour is yellow. Have a Ag100G manual which locates the oil tank under the seat. Thinking of running premix and removing the oil tank as it leaks and is messy. The 100G manual states 10 30w engine oil in the gear box, would 15 40w do the job? Cheaper and much easier to get. Cheers
  3. Hi, have just picked up a old Yamaha Ag100. Have been looking around the web and lots of searches bring me to this forum. Thought i would join up and say hi. I live in the far south coast nsw Australia. My bike of choice is a SR500 but finances dont agree with me at the moment. I used to own a 77 model TT500 which was awesome. Got the TT in the late 90's. Not sure if they were sought after back then but mine was a cracker. Mint condition all original. Sold it to travel. Should have kept it. The ag bike is all original, albeit a little beaten up. I think it is a 78 model E. Will post vin numbers and some pics when i get the chance. I have 26 acres of rugged bush and gullies and have been using it to get around doing some odd jobs and collecting wood. Good times in little bikes.
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