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  1. My R1 (2000 5JJ) as recently developed a fault causing a misfire at low Revs. When I have had it MOT'd it was Serviced, Oil filter and Plugs since then its been fine. But today took my bike for a quick spin and it feels like its misifring. up to about 4-5k if on main roads it runs like a dream just seems to do it round town. I have taken the tank off and the HT leads feel firmly in place, but I had noticed some petrol coming out the overflow by the side stand. I am good at fixing things just not at diagonising issues. Has anyone got any ideas as too what could be the issue. Thanks in Advance
  2. Cheers for you feedback guys. are there any conversion kits for these headlights?
  3. Hoping someone can help me, I have had my R1 (2000 5JJ) for many years and recently decided to get it back on the road. Unknown to me when I bought it, that it was an import, meaning the headlights dip the worng way. How it passed previous MOTs I dont know. Before I go a source a 2nd hand pair is it possible for them to dip the correct way, if not and I have to buy a 2nd hand pair how can i tell by looking at them that they are UK headlights. Thanks in advance
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