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  1. Hi When I'm in say 1st and 2nd it seems to be worse and the revs are about 3 - 4000. Once I'm up to 6th gear it disappears. Thanks
  2. Its very difficult to hear where it is coming from exactly, but I would say it is more from the rear of the bike. When I first start a journey it seems ok, but after ive been riding a bit this is when it starts, almost as if something has warmed up first! Wish I was a mechanic!!!!
  3. I'm taking my bike in for a service on Friday this week, just need to use it for 3 more days to go to work about another 120 miles. It will be ok to use still. Thanks
  4. Hi there hope you're all well, hopefully someone can help me with a problem. I have got an annoying judder when I slow down and I'm riding in a lower gear. Bike runs fine when I'm in the top gear and riding but as soon as I slow down and in a lower gear there is a juddering sensation and also a rattling noise. I'm hoping someone on here has had the same problem and had a fix. Thanks
  5. Afternoon all hope you are all well. Just after a bit of advice regarding the cost of services and new tyres. I have a diversion xj6 and have had it for about 6 months now and have racked up 6000 miles, yes a lot of commuting!!!!!! I have booked in for a service and they have quoted me £195 for this. Is this about average? Also the bike came with Battalax tyres, not sure how new they were, and I have now done 6000 miles so they need a change as the steering feels a bit funny. The quote they gave me for these tyres is £268 for the pair!! Again is this about right? Do you have any recommendations for good commuting tyres? Thanks again D
  6. DeeG

    Wheel Alignment

    Hi everyone The newbie is here again. I have my first manual bike after having a scooter for 4 years, and I am trying to get used to checking the chain tension......and it isn't going very well!!!! I checked the tension and according to Haynes Manual it was too tight so I have adjusted it to what it says, however I don't think the wheels are aligned now. Is there an easy way of finding this out, I have tried the string way and this is so fiddly I'm not confident it has worked. I think it is out of alignment as when I'm riding along the front wheel feels light - and ive lost my confidence going round sharp corners because a couple times it felt insecure. Sorry about the rubbish email as I'm crap at explaining. Thanks
  7. DeeG

    Annoying Rattle

    I did take the bike into the garage last week and they said about the chain, so they adjusted it for me, but the rattle is still there. Ive booked it in again.
  8. DeeG

    Annoying Rattle

    Afternoon As you can see I'm new to this forum and also to geared bikes. I have an annoying rattle on my bike and was wondering if anyone knows what it could be. When I'm in a low gear i.e pulling away or slowing down and changing down the gears an annoying rattle starts, but when I start to pick up speed again the rattle stops. When I am going slow the rattle stops when the clutch is in and the revs are off. Any ideas? Thanks D
  9. Afternoon hows it all going. I have just got rid of my 125cc scooter which I had for 4 years and have now purchased Yamaha Diversion F which is my first proper bike and I love it. Thanks D
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