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  1. I got manual but i aint gonna touch me carb as i dont have much info pluss its in a hard place to get to (big hands) also like i said i want new spark plug put in also. And i never stop the bike it bogs and then cuts out itself thnx for help though
  2. Hello guys Have a small problem with my yamaha xvs 125 thats starting to become a bigger problem. Now im not hughly technicaly minded so please bare that in mind. I rerecently got my bike back from garage after it was out for 5 months after being rear ended it has since started to randomly bog down and cut out and ove had to bump start it to get it going again. Now ive never had this problem till now and i had the bike for about 7 months previous to the accident. What im looking for really is suggestions of what this could be im going to be changing batterry and oil fillter and cheacking on air filter in next few weeks ( when me parts come) but if thats not the case then it will be in to garage for the other naintanence of carbs and spark plug is this best route to be hoing atm.
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