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  1. Not sure how old the battery is :/ I have a feeling it might be the original (2007). I'm gonna have to find the funds, and go to the service center again
  2. Awesome thanks guys, I'll try this stuff. She's a 2 stroke, so won't worry about the smoke. Will pop back to the service centre and see what they say. The spark plug got replace just over a year ago, you reckon it might be that again?
  3. Hi, I'm DUMB as far as technical things go, and get my scoot serviced once a year to keep it on track. It got looked at in December and all was fine, but its now playing up. The starter button won't start it anymore and I have to kick-start it. (Once I've kickstarted it, if I stop and go to a shop or something, it'll start from the starter button then) When I press the starter button it'll do a chug chug chug thingy but nothing else. Any advice? Also it spits blue smoke when I drive off. I've been told this is too much oil, but she got a drink about a month ago, and was fine until this last week. Thanks for helping a complete idiot!!!
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