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  1. Yup it's valves, one valve had snapped. Taking my spare cylinder head to a garage to get the valves from one fitted in the other. I have a head which has buggered studs for the exhaust, which are f***ed and can't be removed. Yes I know drill em and pull em. I can't it's f***ed.
  2. Mid-Essex (Chelmsford, Maldon, Colchester direction). Plenty tools, garage, intermediate knowledge. Better at Cagiva's than grand-a-parts (oops I mean Yamaha's).
  3. I know what you mean, I have a grand-a-part... sorry Yamaha bike that needs blowing up, I'm losing it with the damn thing! (See thread) My thread. Bloody expensive for parts.
  4. Yup, I've had the engine apart twice. Got any white phosphorous? I'm just losing the will to live with it. Looks like third time is the charm
  5. I have an XVS 125 Dragstar which blew it's piston and rings at the beginning of December, replaced the piston and rings with brand new ones, but I have no compression on the front cylinder (this is the one that blew). Help!!!!!! I'm one step away from torching the sodding thing!
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