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  1. Also is there an O ring fitted to the threaded part on these units ?
  2. One other cab question is what wear checks if any required for the Choke Plunger unit. Do these ever wear out ?
  3. Okay cheers. Although the carb was ultrasonically cleaned I must admit I never checked the pilot jet size ?
  4. The slow run mixture screw (air screw). The Mukini carb setting is about 1.5 turns out but either fully open or closed does not affect the idle speed much
  5. my DT 125 (LC1) runs okay but the slow run mixture adjustment screw does not respond at all. The carb has standard settings (jets) fitted and the exhaust system is standard fit to ?
  6. Alan.Tdm


    Found a couple of suppliers on Bay in the end. Another small job done !
  7. Alan.Tdm


    I did buy the recommended part from Yambits but the 4mm bore is to big. 3mm works okay. Maybe I can ring them to see if they have the correct listing ?
  8. Alan.Tdm


    Does anyone know a supplier of 3mm bore pink tint pipe ? Only been able find one Bay but only in 5 mtr lengths
  9. Alan.Tdm


    Sorted ! Weak spark due to faulty HT coil. Replaced with new one. Also igntion source coil rewound to. Running fine now
  10. Alan.Tdm


    Recommendation from the engine rebuilder who said take it easy for first 100 miles. Top gear is waste of time at the moment as engine has not got enough power to drive top gear. However there is a local company that can test the whole igntion system components so I’ll check this route out
  11. Alan.Tdm


    The bike is a DT125 LC 1. At the moment top speed is about 50/55 mph and ‘bogs down’ in top gear on the road. I only rev it to 6 k as still running in. The engine has been fully rebuilt so compression is okay plus seals. I’ve rebuilt the carb and cleaned the fuel supply. Also fitted new reed valves. New sprockets are the correct ratios. The front expansion chamber may be partially carboned up which I can check. The bike was running fine when it was last on the road 20 yrs ago. I read that the igntion coil can degrade with time although the resistance values are in range ?
  12. Alan.Tdm


    My newly restored Dt 125 LC 1 is down on power ie not pulling fully in top gear. I’m going through the list of possible causes. One could be a weakened spark. I’ve been told that the igntion coil (flywheel) can degrade with age ? I know the compression/ fuelling/ sprocket ratios are okay. I will clean the front exhaust expansion chamber but it does not seem blocked
  13. Alan.Tdm


    Does anyone know where to find out the rear spring, suspension rate specifications. The rear Mono shock spring on my 1985 DT125 LC1 is to soft for my body weight. I've spoken to some UK spring suppliers but they all require the specific spring rate in addition to dimensions etc. At the moment it seems that normal spring was designed for a carry weight of 75 / 80 Kgs but this is as far as Ive got ?
  14. Alan.Tdm


    My carb is a VM 24 ss or Yamaka code (10 V00). The jet neck diameter (top) is narrower than the jet bottom diameter. I would presume that it needs to be driven down rather than up ?
  15. Alan.Tdm


    Does anyone know the correct method for removing the needle Jet from a Mikuni 24ss carb as fitted to Yamaha DT125 LC 1. The Haynes manual shows that it drops out through the bottom some web sites say it should be punched out through the top ?
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