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  1. As a new rider (with L plates on) I've found over that last few weeks people have been nodding down my way (sussex) - which has felt really good to be part of the community. But as a newbe I'm still wondering if I've earnt the right to nod to other riders yet?
  2. Cheers for that Slice! Many thanks for that Malleus, sounds like perfect advice. I was thinking of getting a couple more months road experience then going for my full licence - not sure how confident I would feel at the moment on a more powerful bike? But as you say, it's worth being mindful of not picking up those bad habits. I'm still working on smoothing out my riding and my positioning at/turning into junctions (remembering my lifesaver looks too) I'm hoping that my L plates will keep me a little safer if drivers see them. Gabe
  3. Hi Blackhat, I picked up a Dragstar 125 a few months ago - I haven't got the longest legs and as it's sits pretty low so it's great for me. I'm enjoying being on two wheels and just trying to build my confidence and skill levels. I really like bobbers and the dragstar is pretty easy to 'bob up' should I want to go that way. I'd like to get some more road experience before I start to take bits off my bike though. Gabe Hi guys!
  4. Just a quick note to say hi and introduce myself - I'm Gabriel and I've just joined. I've wanted to get a bike for many years but only now am I in a financial position to get on two wheels. I've only been riding for a couple of months now and have yet to take my full bike licence here in the UK (I just hold my CBT) If anyone has tips on improving my riding skills and getting the most out of life in the saddle whist staying safe I'd really appreciate hearing them.
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