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  1. Thank you for all the advice, its really appreciated. I was wondering about the price because I know that for an extra few hundred I can get a newer bike for similar miles. I am going to see it tomorrow and I will find out whether the guy has done any work on it to warrant the price tag. The main draw to this bike is that it is relatively local and it will make it easier to take it back if there's anything which needs fixing.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I don't trust anyone on the roads, riding a motorcycle will probably just make me even more cynical!
  3. Hello, Following a change at work our car parking has been taken away so I am due to do my CBT on Friday. I have never ridden before (apart from a 1hr taster) and was brought up on the whole bikes are bad by my parents. While I'm fairly apprehensive I'm also a little bit excited! I am looking at purchasing a 2nd hand YBR 125 as it will hopefully hold some value if / when I do my DAS and I look to trade it in. I know very little about bikes though so I was hoping to get some handy hints / advice on things I should look for? The bike I have my eye on is a 2009 model wi
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