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  1. That won't be long enough for the forward controls and foot boards but I appreciate you helping. I wonder if I can get an aluminium tube and tap the right sized threads either end. Or would aluminium be too soft for the rigours of shifter changing.
  2. Oh crap, sorry and thanks for the reply I didn't get a notification
  3. Thanks Campaman I think it's mostly after market stuff, like the sissy bar, the problems are only with the Allen key type bolts.
  4. I have a 53 plate Dragstar 1100, and am finding every bolt I try to remove, to fit saddlebags for example but the hex heads on the bolts are soft. So much so that I am finding them rounding off before I can loosen them. having to use my dremel to square the top then replace them. Is this common ?
  5. Hi guys 'my shifter bar on the forward controls come loose on my way home from work by the time I managed to safely stop, the bar is trashed threads gone completely. any idea if the bars can be purchased separately ?
  6. That would be cheaper than a new chrome part thanks
  7. yes the rear plastic clip on accessory, probably be better to take it off for now, but cannot seem to be able to find anything similar to replace it with.
  8. Thanks for the advice, seen some YouTube clips on totally removing the lacquer and going bare metal polished. Like the sound of that lol any ideas where I can get spares like the one below,
  9. Well as the title says, my dremel has been working overtime. now have near mirror finish to my old stock clutch ' brake levers current ones chrome all flaked off, 'mirrors look awesome, Been looking for reasonably priced accessories to replace some old plastic chrome parts that are damaged, anyone got recommendations as struggling to find parts. Might struggle with these thanks
  10. Thanks will give it a try
  11. Hi everyone, silly question time, I have been trying to remove rust and polish The old stock exhaust on my Yamaha dragster 1100. This is a test as I have new exhaust on the bike, I have noticed that the rear of the old exhaust is not mirror finish chrome not sure if it was like that normally or excessive polishing has dulled it. tried to take a photo as below. or maybe not as cannot upload photos for some reason. not a bad result looks much better
  12. Thanks for the info, will look at sizes very carefully to ensure there is sufficient gap
  13. Hi there nearly ready to buy some saddlebags for my dragstar 1100, 'just wondered what opinions are about the heat from the top exhaust, and gap or heat shield, any experiences ? thanks
  14. Found this site after searching around on Facebook. Seem really well priced especially saddlebags. Seem a little too good to be true, has anyone had any experiences good, bad or indifferent ? thanks in advance
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