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  1. I'll have a look thanks guys.
  2. Hi all Looking for a new set of engine bolts for my xt125x can't find none nowhere but I can find ybr 125 engine bolt sets reckon they'll fit it's the same engine as far as I know thanks.
  3. I got a new battery yesterday put it on bike starts fine now. I'll just wait and see if anything is draining the power whilst it's off. If it weren't for all you lot giving me info I would have went mechanics and paid a lot more for labour etc you lot are ace thanks for all the help guys. finnerz89, KirriePete, Derekm and neversaydie.
  4. I haven't been able to go to the mechanics today the weathers crap. I took my cover off earlier nearly lost it in the process turnt the ignition on lights came on indicators worked but no noise this time from the electric start, so i kicked it and it started so I turned it off pressed the electric start and it made the dull errrr noise but didn't start do you reckon it could be the battery? I don't want to take it to the mechanic if I can help im pretty skint at the moment but I will if need be.
  5. Thanks for the info people it's going to the shop on Monday I explained what was happening to the mechanic and he thinks it might be a problem with the solenoid starter or the starter motor but when it dries up outside I'll have a look at the fluid level and get back to you. Thanks.
  6. How would I check the fluid level? It's a black battery I can't see through it and there was drops of fluid around the battery when I took it out. thanks for the quick reply.
  7. Any help appreciated. My bikes been fine electrical wise since I've had it I went to go out on it two days ago hit the electric start it sounded normal and then it just made a dull noise when I pressed it, so I kicked it and it started took it for a ride came back tried the electric start immediately and it fired straight up. So the next morning tried electric start again and it made the usual noise then just died out and made a errr noise again every time I pressed it. So I took the battery off only to notice the plastic bits on top holding the fluid in weren't pushed all the way in so I done that put it on charge and it read as fully charged so I put it back in the bike pressed the electric start and it started fine next morning went to warm it up pressed the electric start it made the usual noise as of it was gonna make it tick over then the dull errr again all my indicators and lights work still so I don't know what the problem is. Yamaha xt125x.
  8. I know but but I can't find any kits anywhere at all I've asked wemoto they don't have any. I don't really want a new one a carb kit will do
  9. Anyone know where I can get a carburettor to fit a yamaha xt125x 09 or if any 4 stroke carbs will fit it thanks.
  10. Haha thanks I've been googling everything and found nothing.
  11. Can anyone help me out in finding where I can buy a full arrow exhaust system for my 09 yamaha xt125x I've seen a few on these forums with them on but I can't find anywhere myself any help would be appreciated thanks.
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