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  1. 2038! ive got until 2070!! God, that sounds a long time!!
  2. I tried to delete the quote but it wouldn't let me delete the box? Bloody iPhone's! Meatloaf how much did you pay for yours roughly?? There on Amazon for £130. Does that sound right?
  3. Did you check the piston and rings inside the bore before bolting it back together to make sure it was correct? Sounds silly but had it before on an old Mercades, the rings where faulty (crap quality I thought) so they wasn't creating a solid seal ! I'm assuming you've had a compression tester on it?
  4. Il have a look, My only issue is I'm rather fussy about the earphone, the hard plastic ones get right on my nerves, my last one lasted all of 5 minutes before I pulled over and ripped it out! Cheers man!
  5. Hello slice, thats the kind of money I was wanting to spend, I was more looking at getting something to 'clip' on to my helmet as i payed £450 for my helmet and haven't had it long! Thank you for the very kind offer though! There's so many Bluetooth kits about but I've always heard the Scala stuff is the best. Only problem is there are so many different ones it's a pain to figure out what one suits me best! Think I'm going to go with the Q1? Looks fairly decent for the money! Il take a look on the Internet and see if I can find there review! Cheers!
  6. Hello guys, im looking around for a Bluetooth headset, as I'm sick of having to use a pair of iPhone headphones!, I'm really confused as to what one to go for? Does anyone own one and can point me in the right direction? I don't want to be spending loads but would rather pay a little extra for a decent set! Thanks in advance guys!
  7. Jesus Christ, could you imagine being 2 up ! (Sickface)
  8. Well, little update. After a lot of phone calls to the previous owner to get the old invoices for services done to back up the full Audi service history, I've managed to get a full engine rebuild and service for free! hopefully they don't try and tell me it needs a new turbo or some other bullshite like that! Well let you guys know what happens !
  9. Let me guess, did they ask you to send it miles and miles away and they would Pay you once they received the bike?? lol
  10. eBay is brilliant for selling, dont get me wrong but i sell a few vans,cars,number plates- you name it il sell it if it's worth it. The one massive problem with eBay is if someone presses the buy it now button, or win the auction and don't turn up, your still lumped with the auction fees ect and trying to talk to eBay to resolve the problem is a massive pain in the arse. I've started to sway towards 'classified' ads or autotrader, so if someone's intrested they come to veiw the vehicle and you then do a deal rather then doing it online. you also have an option on autotrader to stop sales calls before you list your contact details which is good. Best of luck selling!
  11. i ride to and from work everyday and I see the same people also commuting on there bikes, we always nod and sometimes the odd wave. Had a play about with a guy on a wr400 a few weeks back on the way home. We 'nudged' at the round about and went different ways - was pretty cool!
  12. I'd just top it up in the first instance and then key an eye on it. it's probably just burped a few times and the level has dropped. Il see how it goes and if it does start getting low again, il pop into yamaha!
  13. topped it up bang on max level so il check it out in 100 miles or so! Just weird how I've noticed this and had the Whitey colour smoke since new... Dont fancy another trip back to Yamaha!
  14. Hello everyone, now, about 6 months ago I bought my wr125x brand new from Yamaha, since then I've done 1000mls, as I walked past my bike today at work I realised my coolant level was way below minimum. Now for a 65 plate bike with 1k on this doesn't seem right? It's not leaking, but it does smoke on start up when cold? Faulty headgasket? What do you guys make of this?? Cheers!!
  15. I had to laugh... Today I went for a weevride around my local area and stopped off at the petrol garage... As I walked in ( with my helmet still on), two other people in there looked at me rather weirdly with a smirk. I didn't think nothing off it and as I got home I pulled up whipped my helmet off to find fecking bird shite all over the back of my helmet... No wonder they looked at me, bet they had a right laugh
  16. It's neither burning it or leaving it down the road, which makes me very curious as to where the bloody hell its going! The only thing I can think of is it has one of these stupid electric oil level sensors, i chucked it on the computer and it came up with no fault codes! Very weird, going into Audi next week for a check over, I would bring it in to the workshop, but feck me I'm at a dead end already with doing the timing chain cover, front wheel bearings, 4 new tyres, gearbox oil and a new drive shaft... My old seat, I drove that car for a year with blown headgasket and it never missed a beat, never spent a penny on it. Bet that's a tin can now! New cars are ridiculously expensive to maintain/repair... Had a vw phaeton in a week ago, had to remove and send the gearbox off for recon, his bill was well over 1k... Stupid!
  17. Hello, I done fairly long drive last weekend, 320ish miles, then the past 2 weeks of work and back and I've done roughly a litre and a half of oil? So 400 miles in total roughly? I think il give the local Audi a call and see what they say, my last car, a 2004 golf 1.9tdi with well over 180k on the clock didn't do a drop of oil the whole time I owned It where as Ive properly given the car an oil service the last few weeks I've owned it!! Thanks for the help!
  18. Hello guys, ive got a 2010 Audi A5 2.0tfsi, does anybody own one? If they do, how much oil is yours going through? I know they suffer from sipping the oil slowly but mine seems to be chugging it down and is costing me a fortune topping it up every week! Considering going back to a golf 1.9tdi!! ive checked for leaks ect and it does have a slight misting from the timing chain cover but I've re sealed with some rtv! Any help is much appreciated! Cheers guys!
  19. Really? Im in the motor trade and I pay about £1.30 a litre for the stuff! Cheap as chips if it's a quid!!
  20. I'd say double check the idle and if no luck then check all fuel lines and injectors? Let us know !
  21. This is why I got a bike, with 6 points my insurance is well over 6k on most cars. Not to mention what i got quoted for the golf I had. im not too suprised though as Im still 18, my bike insurance is still just over 2k, but I guess this is payback for me being stupid and getting points!!
  22. I wish these charity runs were closer to me (Surrey) otherwise I'd be there!!
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