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    Hello all. Never used a forum before so apologies if not using right! Ok, so my son has a 2006 dt 125r. Its running boggy so cleaned air filter, changed plug etc. I have looked at the various carb screws and am confused. The idle screw seems obvious enough in the centre of the left side of the carb, and what I assume is the air mixture screw is to the right of this and recessed and smaller. This was all the way in but the bike gets worse if I unscrew it the 1 1/4 turns people seem to recommend. Now heres the thing; on the right side of the carb is a threaded hole that seems to need something in it? the threads seem clean as though something has fallen out. Any ideas what the hell this is would be greatly appreciated.Searched and searched for exploded diagrams etc but all the pics are of the left hand side of the carb. is there something missing and could this be my issue? Thanks, Adam. PS , have just fitted new arrow silencer as old one was dented and full of crap if thats relevant?
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