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  1. First post! Like the title says; just curious. Slowly putting an FZ600 together, got a spare engine from my Radian that needs a top-end rebuild (TL;DR: over-revved, my fault, lesson learned, moving on) and I was going to put that into it, but today I came across a 1985 FZ750 engine for only a little more than the cheapest price I've found for a top-end gasket set and four piston ring sets for the FZ/XJ/YX600 engine. This project is a bit-by-bit thing anyway, so the idea occurred to me that it might be fun to plug the 5-valve water-cooled 750 in there instead. I know the frames are similar; but does anyone happen to know if the engine mounts line up between the two models? If not, could I make it work with different mounting brackets at the front? Or would FZ750 lower frame rails match up to the FZ600 main frame? How about chain clearance? Thanks in advance - cheers!
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