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  1. Ah! I thought I had put Hyde, I had a look at Western Rebores, I'll give em a bell today, looks like they do exactly what I am looking for. I also have a little CZ250 which needs a couple of jobs doing. I can do mosyt of the cosmetic stuff and some small engineering stuff, I just don't have the tooling for the more complicated stuff! Cheers for that!
  2. HI, I found fowlers last week and found them very helpful, had to ring em but they were very patient lol.. funnily enough I do need another stanchion, I think you are right, probably better to get a pair so I know they match. Do you know anywhere I can get the old manifold studs removed? I have sorted the paintwork out and most of the plastics, we re-sprayed them ourselves. I could probably do with another petrol tank, but its not imperative. once I get the studs replaced I can get it back together and hopefully back on the road for next spring. Hopefully there will be some group XJ run outs, I'll keep my eyes peeled! Shaun
  3. Good morning all. I have a XJ900 pre Divvy (85) which I am in the process of putting back on the road. I live in Hyde, East of Manchester, if there's anyone out there up for meets, swapping ideas etc etc would love to hear from you.
  4. Hello, and pleased to meet you all! I am in the process of getting my XJ9 (85) back on the road. Poor things been stood in my garage for 3 years partially built. I think I have a common problem, the manifold studs are mostly sheered off, and require removing and replacing. Can anyone in the North West point me to a decent engineer who can sort this. I would also welcome any tips or info that would help, and any decent suppliers of second hand part would be great too! The bike doesn't need an awful lot to get back on the road, replacement tank, front left stanchion, rear shocks and the manifold studs sorting. So any help would be very gratefully received. Many thanks Shaun
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