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  1. I swear by acoustic earplugs. They allow you to hear the bike, traffic noise and music, unlike the foam earplugs. I used to buy Alpine earplugs but then found the Q-Zone ones on Amazon for about a third of the price. Highly recommended and can be used whilst listening to music, which I do on every single ride, no matter how short. I used to only listen to music on long trips but have a Sena bluetooth headset in both full face and Shoei Neotech flip front now.
  2. Still totally loving my Remus. Does this mean I qualify for commission?
  3. Agreed, the towel is a great idea and I've always found that even a thick face flannel does the job. I fold it into a third to make it thick enough to raise the strap or rope high enough off the seat so it doesn't touch the sides and mark them. Depends how wide your seat is tho! When embarking and disembarking, take your time and don't let anyone rush you, especially as you'll want to go VERY easy on the brakes regardless of whether the car deck is dry or wet. As mentioned, don't worry you'll really enjoy it and there's always other bikers to chat to on ferries. Have met all sorts of wie
  4. Thanks Lots of little subtle mods, apart from the Powercone which is quite loud
  5. And with just the tailpack harness & quick lock tank ring. You'll see I put some wonderweb on the tailpack harness to stop it sliding, just a small and unobstrusive mod.
  6. Hi John. I can heartily recommend the Ventura tailpacks and SW Motech tankbags, both excellent quality. The quick release feature of the tailpack is a great way to get away from the dreaded bodywork-destroying bungees. http://www.ventura-bike.com/products/seatbag/sb0622.aspx http://www.motohaus.com/acatalog/SW_Motech_Motorcycle_Luggage_Systems.html
  7. Thanks, you too. Have a good 'un.
  8. Many thanks, Rob. That's really kind of you. Yes, I'm sure the guys 'n' gals out there would love to get the mags. Getting post is a major highlight, so I'm told, and I don't doubt I'd feel any different if it were me out there. Ttaskmaster, meant to ask, are you in touch with Andy Lothian, or did you pass on the request via another website?
  9. I hope so.... 'cos I'm still sending 'em !! (plus various car mags courtesy of my boyfriend, who incidentally is also out in theatre 'til March ) The Post Office ladies know me by first name now
  10. Thanks, mate It's just the end can. Yes it's a UK based retailer. Shame you can't find them elsewhere. Maybe try contacting Remus direct to find a retailer where you are? Hope you have some luck I paid £310 incl. delivery in Mar-08.
  11. Like Marcus, I was at the Wootton Bassett Afghan Heroes ride too. Was an awesome day and also felt immensely privileged to be a part of it, able to show my gratitude to all the Armed Forces personnel, (active and sadly fallen), and Wootton Bassett. Bike mags and MCNs still being send out every few weeks or so as a matter of course, in fact I have a parcel ready to go today
  12. P.S. Also needed a Power Commander and dyno time but again.... all worth it
  13. Mwah ha ha ha.... you want loud? Gotta be titanium Arrows all the way, baffles removed without question Popped 'n' banged like a good 'un on overrun and never ceased to make me chuckle Expensive? Certainly. Worth it? Undoubtedly.
  14. An easy fix is 2 or 3 teeth off the rear sprocket for a 500 rpm drop... did that on mine with a Renthal, worked a treat and only affected my speedo reading minimally. Any other questions, just ask!
  15. After a long search, I chose a shorty Remus Powercone for my 2008 FZ1-NA. Sounds awesome and has a luverly throaty growl to it It's very loud without the baffle in so, for the first time in my biking career, I had to put the baffle back in an exhaust The first pic is one of someone else's bike. I have removed the rear pegs and used an Evotech exhaust hanger. I got mine from Craig at Cal Sport for a very good price and the service was excellent. Cal Sport's number is 0121 753 0415. Hope that might help?
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