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  1. Thanks Nige you've been very helpful. I now have a starting point to resolve the problem. Stand-By for more queries
  2. Thanks Nigel that is a good tip, I have spent the evening searching and emailing breakers with little joy thus far. Im pretty confused now about the bikes age because its definitely electric start (no kick even supplied other than a plastic cover where it should be). But the VIN and look of the frame suggests is much older than that. See below photo for your reference - its a bit of a mess at the moment. I guess like you say, the engine may have been replaced at some point.
  3. Thanks BH. Looking forward to getting stuck into this. Lots to be done. :s
  4. Hi Nigel, Thanks for the advice I will give that a go tomorrow. Interesting point about the electric start, I initially thought it was a year 00, however upon checking the VIN on AJ Sutton website it suggests its a 1996 model. VIN is 3MD. Do you think AJ Sutton site inaccurate? Cheers, Nicky
  5. Thanks Slice - looking forward to joining the community.
  6. Hi All, My first query on here so go easy if format etc not as preferred. As my screen name suggests I am a novice to this but appreciate any help you guys can give. I have a 1996 (i think) DT125R which has been lying unused for circa 4 years. I have today fitted a new battery. When I switch the ignition on the bike makes the general start up noises suggesting that power is coming from the battery. However when I press the electric start the starter motor just clicks rather than starting the bike. I have had a look round the boards and couldn't find anything similar that may help but apologies if i have missed something obvious. Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers, Nicky
  7. Hi NEV, Loving your work. I have just discovered the thread today and noticed that none of the earlier photos work. Do you have them stored online anywhere else. it would be great to see. Also - I have a feeling im going to have many questions for you on my project. hope that's ok Cheers, Nicky
  8. Hi All, I just wanted to say hi to everyone and that I hope that I can keep you updated through the below journey and no doubt will need your support at some stage. I should say that I have never undertook a project like this before but am inspired by some of the work you guys have done. I own a 1996 DT125R and have done for over 8 years but had been running on my friends farm, however it has been sitting in the shed dormant for around 4 years. A few weeks ago I decided to sell it to clear space in the shed, but once people started making me offers etc I got cold feet and decided that I don't want to sell but return her to her full glory (albeit with a new look). I have included a photo of the bike in its current horrible condition. All thoughts are welcome! Cheers, Nicky
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