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  1. Eight month old XV 950 with less than 4.5k on the clock. It's been back to the dealer on two occasions with a loud squeal on acceleration. The first time they said it was build up?? on the front brake, stripped and cleaned it, this didn't solve the issue. They still have it for the second time and they tell me that its normal for the gear box to whine. This is not a whine, this is a squeal, loud enough to hear over the wind noise and ear plugs, and to attract the attention of pedestrians. It is being test ridden again today but they claim not to be able to hear the noise. really at a loss, if
  2. Recently bought an XV 950 after 30 years off the road. A fantastic ride, nice a low for a short arse and ideal through the London traffic. A couple of issues though......It definitely needs the bobber seat, the shocks just aren't up to it, but still bearable. My real issue is the gearbox, really quite clunky and on occasion the gear lever wont budge usually going up from 2nd to 3rd, until I re-apply the clutch. Had the clutch adjusted at first service, but it really hasn't made a great deal of difference. Anyone know if this clunky gear change and sticking lever is a known issue and should I b
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