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  1. Welcome, I work in Uxbridge so might see you around.
  2. Size would be helpful... they are both Euro size 54 (whatever that means)
  3. Hello! I've recently returned to riding after a break of around 7 years (picked up the new bike on the 12th). I've previously owned a CBR125R, a Yamaha Fazer (the old twin flora pot headlights style) and a Honda CBR 600F. I've just bought myself a new Yamaha MT-09 Tracer which I've spent some good time on already getting used to being back on two wheels. Taking it easy as I run the engine in and re-familiarise myself for now Unexpected expense on some new bits since I have lost weight since I last rode, so a new set of leathers (I've put my old ones up for sale) and will need some new textile
  4. Hello folks - new to the forum, coming back to Motorcycling after 7 years off or so. I pulled my old leathers out (they didn't get much use before I put them away) and they are too big for me. I've sourced some new ones and since they are in pretty decent nick thought they might be of use to someone out there. Aside from a few old dead insects (which I will throw in for free) the zip on the jacket lost its tag, a bit of shoe lace through the metal loop will probably sort that out nicely. Otherwise in full working order. They are in good condition as I hadn't worn them out much on the previous
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