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  1. Literally just seen this post Blackhat (slow on the uptake or what). Cheers for finding that mate. So my bike is a 1R7 and has 3 coils which makes it a DT250D you say? I'm just trying to establish this once and for all now because I'm needing to torque up the magneto nut and the difference between the F and the D is about 20NM. Not to mention it always helps to know what bike you're working on ;).
  2. Brilliant! I drowned the carb in carb cleaner and it's all systems go! Finally she runs! Thanks very much for the help with that one I can stop pulling my hair out and start pulling the clutch apart now! Ace!
  3. Hi all, I've got another clue to the mystery of why my DT250MX won't start. I have spark, I have air, I have fuel (spark plug gets wet and I have to clear the fuel), I have compression but for some reason it won't start. It will however, roar into life for a second if I spray carb cleaner in the air box (as you'd probably expect) but then dies again, throttle on OR off. So my question is what does it mean? Does it go any way to eliminating reasons why it won't start? or does it simply prove that air is coming through the air box and into the cylinder, and that I have a spark? Cheers
  4. Yeah I think Yambits have them for like £8 or so which is about right for something I'll probably only use a handful of times in my life. So if it's a DT250MX then it should theoretically have a lighting coil? I'll get that tool ordered and crack it open. Immaculate bike by the way. Hopefully I'll have something similar to show one day but I'm a ways off yet!
  5. Oh splendid, I appear not to have asked that stupid a question, that's a good start. Cheers to you both for getting back to me. I think there's quite a lot of confusion around what bike it is to be honest. I suspect it might be a bit of a mish-mash? I thought it was the MXs that had the monoshock? I'll take a look at that parts list and see what I can see. Either way you've both given me new hope. Pulling the flywheel and having a good old fashioned look should probably have been plan A. Do I need a flywheel puller necessarily, or can one be improvised? Thanks again, Ash
  6. Hi, What is the procedure for adding headlight, indicators, brake light and possibly horn (general road legality, MOT passing kind of stuff) to a bike that left the factory without them? I figured that the best way would be to replace the magneto with one from a road legal DT250, which has a lighting coil - problem is, ebay says that all of those (all of them!) are in the states and are very expensive. Short of trawling bike shows for someone that has exactly what I'm looking for, what are my options? Bear in mind also that the bike doesn't have to be practical but it does have to be pretty. Cheers!
  7. Haha! I had my answer about 10 posts ago but all this bickering has given me an even clearer plan. I think I'm going to go without the pump initially for aesthetic and (to a lesser extent) weight saving purposes. But then see how I get on and consider introducing the pump later on. So there you have it. You're all right!! And thanks again for your assistance with this matter.
  8. Well I'm hearing good reasons for and against the oil pump. But what I'm taking away from this is that pre-mixing isn't necessarily a BAD idea - and that's kind of what I wanted to hear. I'm not worried about practicality because this isn't going to be a daily, it will be for when I finish work early in the summer. So is the drill pretty much to ride around with a little vile of 2-stroke oil around your neck?
  9. Hello! I'm thinking of ditching the Autolube oil delivery system from my '81 DT250MX/I suspect that the previous owner has already done that for me but I haven't got around to making 100% sure. Basically I'm going for the 'oil in the petrol tank' approach. Does anyone know the oil/fuel ratio for doing this. I've never owned a 2-stroke so I'm used to just sticking it all in the bottom end and being done with it. Cheers.
  10. Just for future reference I contacted Yamaha who tell me it's a 1981.
  11. Wow! Quick response, cheers slice. Actually turns out they have a UK distributor as well so guess I can't go far wrong. Fingers crossed
  12. Most pertinently - is there one? I can find Haynes manuals for all other years and capacities of DT but not the 1981 250MX. There are Clymer manuals from America. Any one had any experience with these? Would they differ that much from a Haynes manual apart from maybe using different measurements? Cheers.
  13. Cheers Cynic. I thought that might be the case but I know some forums can be funny about links and image hosting. I will try that and get some up tonight!
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome Blackhat and the encouraging words regarding the bike. I'm having trouble uploading pictures to the site - keeps telling me the file size is too large (when I know it isn't). No photo uploading privileges on a free membership maybe?
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