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  1. Of course I have all four of those things. Without them I would be stopped by car's with blue flashing lights, harassed and taken by men in high-vis outfits and put in a cage until I am forced to pay them in money or my time. I'm smart enough to know when to play along with the man and when to not. "Without the fabric of the law, and rules, we would all have to survive in a lawless world." - I couldn't disagree more. You are naive to think human's are the makers of rules and laws. Do you think without humans the world would just implode? You have been occult-ed to certain information about the universe and yourself to make you think exactly what you just said there. You are ignorant to Natural Law. Something that, if understood by majority of the population would exclude the need for government, jurisdiction and even police. I live my life by natural law and I suggest you take a look at it if you have never done so. - The 8 natural law's are the governing dynamics that control the outcomes of our behavior. - It is a huge subject though and is something not explained quickly. Hence the general dumb-ing down and constant distracting of the public. Here is a great presentation on Natural Law - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1pkJaNbzLU It's in three parts and last 8 hours long. he also has a wide range of presentation on a variety of subjects all in the truth movement. Take a look if you care enough Cheers. Okay I'm slowing down. That is quite the list. You do sound like a complete motorbike enthusiast though. Much respect.
  2. 49 years.. Long old time, any major crashes? I've been on a bike, on the road, for only 5 months tops. So I'm still getting all the mistakes out of the way (come on.. I'm new ) To be fair I did watch the video a million times before posting it, knowing about all the 'naughty' bit's.. but I wanted to keep them in, just as a big middle finger to anyone who's ever been in front of me, whilst I'm in my car.. going 1mph. And In a car, you can't just filter around them. On a bike! I'm in heaven. Yes overexciting. But heaven! No one can stop me now! muhahaha. But haha! That's is what I'm actually doing.. A picture over the speedo whenever I plan to make a video is a great idea. Saves editing and saves you getting caught out. Thanks for the advice! PS, no I will not sir! I'm 22 years old now, I used to be a super hippy. Now, I'm much more realistic in my conspiracy theories. There is such thing as objective rights and wrong and government is defiantly wrong.
  3. Great points! I have taken the video down for now.. It's hard for me to explain to people who live within the 'law', about how I do not. But I do not. ( Fully taking on your points about not hiding speedo ect..) But the 'Law' is jurisdiction and jurisdiction mean for someone to say the law. These 'laws' are just claims of ownership over people, by a few people.. slavery if I'm being blunt. I do not subscribe to Government or any of the statues/acts they try and impose on me. I am a sovereign being and can ride my bike / drive my car / travel any mean how, as long as I do not infringe on anyone else's rights. I used to live in fear but now do not. Your not wrong about getting caught though! Must become more sneeky.. Cheers.
  4. Fair opinion. Can you please explain "wrong side of keep lefts" please. EDIT Oh yes I see what you mean now haha. Yes, I do tent to go outside the white lines, yes.
  5. Freedom.. within the confines of slavery, which government is.
  6. Good points. The camera has a very wide angle lens though and can make things appear very close. But yes, mostly I am just excited.
  7. Hey guys, Just got my first motorbike. It's a Yamaha DT125RE 2007. I've been driving a car for four years now and I'm really bored. I hate other drivers and I feel trapped on the road. What to do? Get on the bike chain and become a biker! I plan to make video's all the time on YouTube as I have just bought an action camera. Here's my first try! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s207Y7xZMKY Nice to meet you all! Cheers.
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