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  1. Thanks DT! I wanna get my eyes on the classifieds :-)
  2. Here it is before the work anyhow. Needs to be cleaned up and shined, gonna have new speedo and front lamp too i want to be clear, im aware the 1000cc is a big junp and im not saying I really want a 1000. The fact that it is a 1000 is a tick in the negative box. Ive no desire to be speeding round hertfordshire but its cheap and could do me for a couple of years while I save for my cruiser. But im still looking and not committed to buying this at all still might tho :-)
  3. Im listening Cynic definitely. The main positives are the price, and that im buying from someone I know. I felt really comfortable on the 650 five minutes after getting on it, if I could find a Kawasaki er6 (or equivelent) for under a grand id be all over it! Im gonna take the Honda out for a day, if I dont feel comfortable by then, then thats my answer. How do i join up to the buying selling pages on this forum? I know its a fee and thats ok. If anyone on here has anything going is love to hear about it.... Lallasro - if i could find a cruiser I would much prefer it, but I think at this
  4. Thanks for your advice guys I spent a day riding riding around some bike shops, sat on loads and it definitely gave me a better idea of what I want from a bike, how I want to sit, how comfy i feel on what styles etc. My SR is sooo comfy!!! So with that all in mind I went to see the Honda yesterday, had a little tootle around the block. It felt comfyish, i was leaning forward a bit too far cos the bars were quite low, but could get some risers and potentially some higher bars. The guy is gonna respray it and tidy it up cosmetically anyway, and there was some play in the headset which he is gonn
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